Early Bird Gift Ideas

Early Birds Get The Worm: Think About Gift Ideas For Xmas

It’s never too early to start thinking about gift ideas for Xmas. Especially if you have a large family that loves to shower gifts on each other, you have to start early. Otherwise, you will miss out on the joy of your family when they open your gifts. Because, without solid planning, they will be underwhelmed with the generic candle or coffee table book that no one really wants.

Candles are too personal for the people who love them. They know what brand they want and what scents they enjoy. It’s about as fun as buying off of a registry buying a candle for someone with a specific list of characteristics and features. It’s more like becoming a hired errand runner who is simply buying something out of your own pocket for a customer. That takes all the joy out of gift giving.

Thoughtful gifts are also not about whatever you make being thrown in the face of someone who may not want it. Some people may have food allergies, or know how dirty you keep your home. They may not be inclined to eat anything that you can or jar in your house. They may frankly be allergic to elderberry and are still paying off the hospital bill from the only time they tried your jam.

Avoid toys with small parts for kids this Christmas also. The kids spread the toys like a minefield for mom and dad to trip over continuously. Go with bigger one-piece toys that engage them the way they play.

If you know the kids and spend time with them, then you have a better understanding of this. Some 4-year-olds will sit quietly and engage in activities that require a little more and finger dexterity than other kids. Other kids will draw all over the house, on the walls, and feed the small beads from that activity set to the dogs.

Instead of giving your family and loved ones veterinary bills and ER visits, consider their desires. What do they like, and how do they engage their hobbies and interests. Those are the two questions to answer when deciding on great gifts.


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