Secret Santa Gift Ideas – Awesome Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

3 Awesome Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Being a Secret Santa is a bit more complicated than most people know. Trying to find the perfect present for someone in the office can be a stressful concept. Here are some ideas to consider if you want everyone at work talking about you, in a good way.

Restaurant Gift Cards

This may sound like a terrible idea, but who doesn’t like to eat? This is a great gift for anyone, but those who constantly complain about having a work-life balance will be able to appreciate this the most. Not only will they have the luxury of eating a meal that they did not have to cook themselves, but they will not have to come out of their pocket to do so.

Try to find out a place they love and get a card there. It will turn a seemingly impersonal gift into something that is clearly from the heart.

Coffee Mugs

You probably think this is the most impersonal gift in the world, but that is not always the case. You can head to a kiosk in your local mall and have them personalize a mug for you. Since it will have a unique picture and message on it, the recipient will know that it took more thought than running into the local dollar store and grabbing the first thing that catches your eye.

Laminated Coupons

Do you have someone in the office that is always complaining about things like not having time to grab their morning coffee or wishing someone would swap shifts with them? Create some coupons that offer your services to the recipient. While this may seem like a cheap way to get around being a Secret Santa, it is likely to be appreciated by someone who is always looking for a hand.

It is not always easy trying to find the perfect gift for someone you work with. Even so, trying one of these ideas is a great way to impress without the stress.

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